Nutrition Coaching Services

Individual Nutrition Coaching: If you're looking for one-on-one coaching, catered specifically to your personal goals, likes/dislikes and objectives, this is for you! Whether you're looking for sustainability and longevity with a nutrition plan that can stay with you for the rest of your life, an aggressive short-term approach to fat loss, or performance nutrition geared toward athletic endeavours, Nicole can cater coaching to your personal needs and preferences. This package includes four weeks of coaching and the following:

- An 45-60 minute intake session

- Two supplementary 30-minute sessions 

- Weekly accountability via email, text or by phone (client preference)

- Weekly measurement/progress report (if applicable)

- Personalised coaching, based on client goals, objectives and history 

Cost: $150.00/month

Nutrition Consultation: If you have a specific topic (or two) in mind and are looking for a single coaching session, this 60-minute consultation, catered to individual goals, interests and preferences is what you're looking for! 

- A 60-minute coaching session - you bring the questions! 

Cost: $75.00/hour

Nutrition Support Group:  If you're looking for an accountability group where you can feel heard and supported, sharing your struggles and successes, this is for you! In this 6-week group we discuss disordered eating, the psychological and physiological components surrounding eating behaviour and how you can shape your lifestyle and your habits to become the person you want to be - healthy in mind and in body. 

- Weekly meetings, 60 minutes each

- Weekly accountability via email, text or by phone (client preference)

- A safe and accepting support network 

** Nutrition Support Groups run based on interest and availability. 

Cost: $150.00/group 



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