It’s scary to say this, but…

…my parents don’t read my posts anymore. They're blocked.

And maybe to you that sounds strange, silly, or even childish; but I can confidently say that it was the best decision we could have made.

Several months ago my parents came to me expressing how saddened they were by the stories I share on social media.

  • My battle with disordered eating was hard for them to understand

  • My openness about my brothers fight with addiction was heartbreaking for them to hear, and,

  • My transparency and "I don't give a fuck about keeping up appearances" attitude was more than they could bear

Initially, I was devastated. "It was never my intention to offend anyone! And if my parents don't like or understand what I share, other people are probably judging too. Does that mean I should stop sharing my story!?", I asked myself.

I struggled with knowing what to do for a long time. But ultimately decided to continue speaking my truth, because while it's hard to live with the consequences of doing something with little regard for what other people will think, it's impossible to stay silent out of fear, knowing how many people my story can impact.

  • The only way we can stop subscribing to limiting beliefs is to call them out

  • The only way we can stop darkness is to shine a light on it, and,

  • The only way we can take responsibility for our individual truth and power is to boldly, bravely, and vulnerably share it

And that's exactly what I'm here to do; to help you see through all the bullshit, so that you can create your bravest, boldest and most confident life. And for me, that started with a brave, bold, confident relationship with food and with myself.

If you’re ready to grow out of a relationship with food that is fearful, insecure, and rooted in restriction and into a relationship with food (and with your body) that is confident, life-giving, and full of foods you love and enjoy without guilt or shame, I’m here to help. Drop a comment below so that we can chat about your goals and work together to help you create the confident relationship with food you’re looking for!

Setting boundaries can be hard. Reaching your big, powerful goals can feel scary. But the lie you want to live is on the other side of that discomfort and YOU ARE WORTH IT!