Is Your Bone Density OK?

Many people want to lose weight, but few of them are willing the put in the time, energy, and the commitment it takes in order to lose fat.

And no, those aren’t the same thing.

Weight loss = a decrease in body weight as a result of losing fat, muscle and/or water (or a combination of these things)

Fat loss = a decrease in body fat while working to maintain muscle mass and hydration status

Moreover, many people prioritize fast weight loss, looking for the number on the scale to go down as a direct result of:

  • cutting calories aggressively

  • eliminating carbohydrates significantly (or entirely)

  • engaging in fad diets and detoxes

  • taking weight loss supplements

But these approaches do NOT prioritize fat loss, and they certainly don’t prioritize fat loss that lasts. Because while these methods often result in weight loss, its likely that the reduction on the scale is coming from a water weight fluctuation and a loss of muscle mass.

I hope the warning bells in your brain are ringing!

Because muscle mass and hydration are vital to optimum health, functioning and autonomy. Seeing as muscle mass naturally atrophies as we age, maintaining the muscle we do have is vital to staying healthy, upright, and on our own two feet for as long as possible.

I don’t help my clients simply lose weight. I’m not interested in that.

  • Anyone can lose weight by cutting carbs, but unless you plan to live the rest of your life without a bagel, glass of wine, or slice of birthday cake, it’s futile.

  • Anyone can lose weight by slashing calories, but unless you plan to live the rest of your life eating the quantity of food designed for a two year old (damaging your bone density along the way), it’s futile.

  • Anyone can lose weight by going on a cleanse or detox, but unless you plan on never drinking water or eating real food again, it’s futile.

I help my clients achieve fat loss that lasts. We work hard to maintain the beautiful muscle that they have, encourage hydration and optimum functioning, all while targeting fat loss that comes off safely and sustainably.

Without all the drama and the deprivation.

If you’re curious about how you can achieve fat loss that lasts, be sure to check out my most recent Health, Wellth & Wisdom Podcast episodes where I break it down for you, step by step. Achieving fat loss that lasts can be challenging!

But with the right tools, support, and accountability, it can also be amazing and oh-so worth it!