Real talk. And be honest.

Real talk. How many times have you set some sort of nutrition or weight loss goal so far this year? Be honest. How is it going?

If that question gives you a pang of guilt or a feeling of defeat, you’re not alone.

Because those diets - those meal plans - those detoxes - that we get so excited for and fired up about are designed to fail. I’m sure you’re thinking you need to:

  • Try harder

  • Stop falling off the wagon

  • Use more willpower

  • Ignore your cravings and power through

  • Try Keto, Weight Watchers, or that other diet your BFF just recently subscribed to…

  • Exercise more restriction/discipline

  • Or, maybe give up all together

But here’s the thing. NONE OF THAT actually works. And worse, they all actually set you up to fail.

The good news is, there’s another way.

What you actually need to create real, lasting change looks more like this:

  • Throw away all-or-nothing thinking

  • Ditch the perfection expectation

  • Learn to listen to your body

  • Focus on creating small habits that add up over time

  • Balance the fun foods with your body needs (#foodfreedom)

  • Fewer rules and more flexibility!

Not only does this approach get you results, but it also leaves you feeling confident about KEEPING your results for a lifetime!

I know even this can feel daunting. Like, how do I actually do it? And what should I do first? Which is exactly why I do what I do my fraaand.

Nutrition Coaching with Nicole is an individualized approach, helping you to build a blueprint to how you want to look and feel for LIFE! Together we grow your consistency, build habits to help you feel confident and assess all the barriers that could potentially (and often do) stand in the way of your success. Not to mention, accountability every step of the way!

I am welcoming Summer by opening THREE 1:1 Nutrition Coaching spots!

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