Fat Loss That Lasts - Day 1

Nutrition with Nicole

Welcome to Day 1 of the Fat Loss That Lasts miniseries!

I’m Nicole, your online Nutrition Coach.

You can learn more about me, and the work I do, here.

I’m guessing you’re here because

  • Diet culture has failed you, maybe more than once.

  • You’ve tried the quick fix mentality and you’re right back where you started, more frustrated than before.

  • You’re sick and tired of the rules and restriction.

  • Despite your best efforts, you keep “falling off the wagon”.

  • You’re looking for something that lasts…maybe even for a lifetime.

  • You’re craving something that allows you to reach your goals while eating foods you love AND living a full and vibrant life.  

Am I right?

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. And I’m happy to tell you that it is possible to reach your fat loss goals and feel confident about maintaining your results while living that full and vibrant life!

But before we talk about HOW we’re going to get you there, we need to talk about WHY.

WHY all diets work but none of them last. Seriously. Any diet, plan or program will work, so long as you adhere to it with 100% compliance. And therein lies the problem. Because who really wants to count calories/cut carbs/avoid sugar forever? Not me!

WHY you need to invest in something that lasts. You deserve better than the rollercoaster ride that is diet culture. Losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing your life (or your favorite foods) too.

WHY your goals are worth pursuing and worth investing in. No one else is going to live your life for you. No one else is going to stand up for the life you what you live. YOU have to be the one to do that. And you’re worth the confidence that comes with creating a life, a relationship with food, and a body you’re proud of.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about HOW you can reach your fat loss goal (without all the drama and the deprivation) and keep it off forever.

Today’s ASK: Think about your WHY. WHY do you want to lose fat? How does your life improve when you do? Who else is affected by these changes? And WHY are those things important to you?