Only 40% of you will read this.

And while I could focus on the other 60% who are too busy to open, read and receive this message, I’m not going to. Because I choose to invest my time and energy in those of you who are willing to invest time and energy right back.

Because even if you only take 10 minutes out of your day to inspire and improve your well-being, you’re taking a stand and telling the rest of the world, “I’m worth this”. I am deserving of the change I want to see in my life.

And I respect that.

Because so many people do the opposite - getting caught up in the tide of life, never actually taking action or creating change; eternally discontent, unhappy and perhaps even resentful, despite the fact that no one else is responsible for how we show up in our own lives.

But I know that’s not you. Because you’re reading this. You have chosen to invest in yourself today, even if only for the few minutes it takes you to read this email.

And I respect that.

So let me ask you, action taker, what change do you want to see in your life, in your relationship with food, and in your body image?

Are you sick and tired of being discontent, unhappy, and perhaps even resentful when it comes to showing up in your life - and in your relationship with food - authentically?

If so, I get it. I can vividly remember having thoughts like:

Will there ever be a time in my life when I don’t incessantly think about and obsess over food?

How will I ever reach my goal if I don’t know how to stop these bad habits?

I’m working so hard. When will I feel good enough - confident enough - thin enough - fit enough?

I don’t understand why I’m struggling so much when she seems to be doing just fine…

But I don’t have those thoughts anymore.

I no longer obsess and think incessantly about food. I have replaced the habits that don’t serve me with habits that do. I do feel good enough and confident enough. And to be 100% transparent, I’ve learned to no longer give a damn about what she is doing, and to instead own what I’m doing because it works for me.

And I can’t tell you just how badly I want that for you too.

But, me wanting it for you isn’t enough.

You need to want it for you too.

If that’s where you are today - if you know you’re worth investing in, worth creating change for, worth showing up for and worth respecting, I want to be in your corner.

If you’ll let me.

If that’s you, click the button below and fill out a coaching application. We’ll hop on a free discovery call and chat more about you, your goals and whether or not I can be in your corner, helping you reach your big, powerful goals.