Master Your Metabolism

Whenever fat loss is the topic of conversation it’s not long before we hear the big scary M word - METABOLISM. Metabolism is like global warming - the idea is often thrown around but most of us don’t really understand what it means or what it does.

Given that your metabolism controls your fat loss, isn’t it time we tried to wrap our brains around it? On a recent poll, 86% of you said YES, I want to learn more about how to master my metabolism.

Have you ever noticed that:

It’s harder to lose weight (& keep it off) after a diet?

You’re not crazy. That happens. Your body’s job is to counter balance your well intentioned dieting efforts, much like a sea-saw. You restrict calories (stress) and start exercising (stress) and your body compensates by increasing hunger and cravings and decreasing energy.

You oscillate between “on track” and couch potato?

You’re not crazy. That happens. 'Eat less, exercise more’ fails every single time because it’s unsustainable and we don’t have any other skills in our toolbox, like periods of ‘eat less, exercise less’ and ‘eat more, exercise more.

Have you ever noticed that:

Some foods keep you fuller for longer? And other foods keep your taste buds happier for longer?

You’re not crazy. That happens. When it comes to satiation and satisfaction, you want lean protein, water, fiber and bulk (veggies), followed by just enough starch and fat (according to your metabolism) to make a meal satisfying.

A big plate of chicken and broccoli can be filling, but not satisfying, and leaves you searching for something sweet. Likewise, this is the reason starches and fats can be satisfying but leave you wanting more —-> overeating.

What works for your body isn’t what works for other bodies?

You’re not crazy. That happens. Our bodies are different. Our stress thresholds are different. Our individual preferences are different. Too often we reach for an off-the-shelf quick fix that’s marketed as “one size fits all”. Be a detective and figure out what works for YOU.

If you’re not getting results, give up your biases and do the detective work. You are unique. Eat accordingly.

Some days it feels like you have ZERO willpower/your battery is empty?

You’re not crazy. That happens. When was the last time you took a minute to fill your battery? Take a nap, go for a walk, watch a comedy, take a bath, write in your journal, read a good book, cuddle with a loved one. Learn about what drains your battery and what fills your willpower. Fat loss is more than just calories in, calories out.

These are the core components of your metabolism. Master them and you’ve mastered your fat loss. Sounds easy, right?

If you’re interested in learning more about balancing and mastering your metabolism this is exactly the kind of thing I help my 1:1 coaching clients uncover.

If you’d like to learn more, simply fill out a coaching application and let’s hop on the phone to see if we’re a good fit! This stuff lights me up. Does it light you up too?

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.