"Here's what worked for my last patient."

Imagine for a moment, that you have a doctors appointment.

You’re not feeling great, something’s off and you need help.

You check-in, you sit in the waiting room (for too long) and when you f i n a l l y get to see the doctor, she doesn’t exam you, she doesn’t ask any questions, she doesn’t even look at you, and she says, “well, here’s what worked for my last patient…so it’ll probably work for you.”

Wait. What!?

Did the last patient have the same symptoms?

Isn’t she going to ask me what I’M feeling!?

Was the last patient 7 or 70? Does that even matter?

And why do I have to blindly follow advice because it worked for someone else? I don’t even know them. What about ME!?

You’d be right to ask those things.

You’d have every reason to be outraged.

Your body is unique. Your signs, symptoms, successes and struggles are unique to you. You wouldn’t allow your doctor to just lump you in with the rest without hearing you out first, right?

So why in the world do you allow diet culture to do exactly that?

A set of rules worked for someone else so we jump on board - fingers crossed - that we’ll have the same results, without first stopping to ask and listen:

  • Where’s the pain coming from?

  • What are my symptoms?

  • How can I help MY body feel better/reach her goals?

  • How can I help ME!?

My friend, you deserve unique and individual care. You deserve to be seen, heard and cared for. You deserve a solution that’s designed for you, not some generic one-size-fits-all prescription.

Are you ready to stop settling for what worked for the last patient and invest in the plan that’s created by and for your body?

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