Dieting: A Life Story

If I asked you to recount the events of your life, what would the themes be? What would pop as your priorities? Where have you spent your time? Your money? Your energy?

Does your life tell a story of a positive relationship with food, exercise, your body & yourself or would it look more like a bank statement recounting a chronic diet history?


I get it. Letting go of disordered eating, unrealistic body composition ideals, calorie counting, macro tracking and the constant pursuit of thinness is HARD. Like, suuuuper hard.

Because, for most of us, our unhealthy relationships; with food, with exercise, with our bodies, with enabling family and friends, and with ourselves are ingrained. The beliefs we hold about whether or not we’re enough…worthy enough - good enough - sexy enough - thin enough - beautiful enough…and the behaviors that occur as a result of these thoughts, are patterned.

  • Driving home after a long day without knowing how you got there

  • Brushing your teeth before you go to bed

  • Reaching for the bag of crisps when you sit down on the couch to watch your favorite show

  • Kissing your partner goodbye before you leave the house for work

  • Saying “bless you” to someone after they sneeze

  • Pressing SNOOZE one too many times

All of these are examples of patterned behavior. Recurring things we do without ever really thinking about it. They seemingly just happen. Because we’ve practiced and rehearsed them so many times, they’ve become habit. And as humans, we like habit. Because habit brings us comfort. We get to keep doing the status quo without the discomfort of change.

And why on earth would we ever choose discomfort over that which is warm, cozy and unchanging? I’ll tell you why.

  • Because you’re fed up with your food obsession, refusing to let it control you anymore than it already has.

  • Because you’re past the point of thinking that your weight - your size - or the roundness of your belly is the most important thing about you.

  • Because you want to prioritize health over rules and prioritize balance over restriction.

  • Because you’re ready to give space in your life to things that truly matter, things you want to leave as a part of your legacy - in lieu of the chronic diet history.

If that’s you - I get it and I’m with you!

Maybe your relationship with food has left you heavier and/or unhappier than ever before.

Maybe your relationship with your body has left the idea of sitting on a beach in a bathing suit or having sex with the lights on feel unsurmountable…at least not until you “lose XX pounds”.

Maybe your relationship with yourself is full of toxic self-talk and insults that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.

Maybe you finally feel like it’s time to create some powerful mthrfkn change.

Sound like you? Are you ready to break the negative cycle, embrace the temporary discomfort and create powerful change so you can finally build a healthy relationship with yourself?

(Hand raised). I know I sure am.

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.