The Fat Loss LAB


Do you ever find yourself so insanely frustrated by fat loss? Maybe it's illusive, maybe it never sticks around, or maybe you just really dislike the person you are on a diet. More and more I find myself SO incredibly disenchanted with diet culture. 

You should eat this, not that. Didn't you hear? This new thing is all the rage. Everybody's doing it. 

Diet culture is the new mean girl. And it's bullshit - more toxic than anything you could ever eat. Diet culture thrives on the belief that we will continue to distrust and dislike our bodies; forever playing the victim, relying on external forces to tell us exactly what, when and how much to eat in order to have a successful body.  

What the AF guys!? It's time to stand up and demand something different! It's time to fight back and to learn how to trust our bodies - giving ourselves permission to be whoever and wherever we are. 

Picture this: You trust your body. You know your body. You even like your body. And you have both the confidence and the skills to make your life; your nutrition, your movement and your recovery strategies work for you - no matter what stage of life you're in. Diets, trends and fads are irrelevant because nothing knows you or your body like YOU do. And because of this you are able to reach any health, fitness and fat loss goal you set for yourself without an ounce of deprivation, restriction or drama. 

It might be hard to imagine. Because everything about the image I created above rebels against diet culture. It requires you to harness your own power, and not that of a billion dollar industry that could care less whether or not you're happy (or healthy).

I care - about you and about me and I REFUSE to continue playing the victim. So I harnessed all my power (and all the science-y stuff that helps too) and created The Fat Loss LAB. 

The Fat Loss LAB is an 8-week masterclass that will take your fat loss from lackluster to LAUNCH! You will learn HOW to eat, WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat (along with alllll the dieting gimmicks that are simply standing in your way) in order to reach - and exceed - your health and fat loss goals.

Step-by-step, at your own pace, you will acquire the nutrition skills you need to build a sustainable nutrition plan for the rest of your life. Read that again. For the REST OF YOUR LIFE. No dieting gimmick or deprivation here!

I hope you're interested, because you're worth it. If you agree, check out the FAQ below for additional details. 

Fat Loss LAB FAQ: 

Q: Is this program in-person or remote? 

A: The Fat Loss LAB is 100% remote. All coaching correspondence, video lessons, recipes, workouts (optional), etc. will come directly to you no matter where you are.

Q: What is the time commitment? 

A: The Fat Loss LAB masterclass is completely self-paced. That being said, if you want results at the end I encourage you to put the time and commitment in at the beginning. You'll be most successful if you can budget at least 10 minutes each day to watch the videos and read the lessons. The rest is up to you! 

Q: How much do I get to work directly with you? 

A: When you register for the Fat Loss LAB I will be your personal nutrition coach. We have daily correspondence via your lesson responses and the group Facebook page, in addition to 30 minute bi-weekly coaching check-ins that are conducted over the phone. These check-ins allow us to chat 1-on-1 in greater detail about your successes, struggles and sticky spots. 

Q: I've tried every diet. None of them work. What makes this any different? 

A: For starters, the Fat Loss LAB is not a diet. The Fat Loss LAB is a evidence-based nutrition masterclass that guides you through learning to listen to your body and exploring what that means when it comes to mealtimes. Together we'll explore what works and what doesn't, because your body is unique and the Fat Loss LAB accounts for that - unlike conventional diets!  

Q: What can I expect at the end of this? 

A: That depends! What's your goal? If your goal is to lose weight, inches or clothing sizes, the Fat Loss LAB will help you do exactly that. If your goal is to learn more about your body and uncover the best nutrition strategy to help you improve your health and feel your best, the Fat Loss LAB will help you do that. If your goal is to throw diet culture the middle finger and to harness your own intuitive power, the Fat Loss LAB has you covered there too.

Q: When does it start?

A: The Fat Loss LAB launches on Monday, September 10th and runs through November 4th (just in time for the holidays!) 

Q: How much is the Fat Loss LAB? 

A: The entire 8-week masterclass is a $200 investment, which can be broken up into a 2 x $100 payment plan, if you prefer. I know you're worth it!

Q: How can I register? 

A: Click on this link to go to the Fat Loss LAB application! But don't wait! There are only a limited number of spots available. 

Have another question? Don't hesitate to post below! 

Isn't it time you made peace with your body and ditched the diet culture? 

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.