The Fat Loss LAB: Back By Popular Demand!

So, the holidays happened.

You ate, you drank, and you had one hell of a time.

But now what? Your jeans are snug, your jiggle around the middle doesn’t feel like your best self and yet, you really don’t want to subscribe to another quick fix because the results never last and you’re looking for something that doesn’t force you to eat loads of kale while simultaneously eliminating everything you love.

Enter, the Fat Loss LAB.

A 6-week remote course that will help you shed fat, build a confident designed-for-you nutrition strategy (none of that one size fits all bullshit) and sustain your results for a lifetime. Not 30 or 60 days…a lifetime.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Not with an approach that’s designed to find a sustainable nutrition strategy that’s built for you, your body, your preferences and your lifestyle…with an awesome coach to help you work through all the diet drama that’s clouded your judgement before.

Ok. So you’re intrigued. What’s a girl gotta do to get more information?

Sit back, my friend.

The Fat Loss LAB runs from Monday, January 14th-Saturday, February 23rd. As a member of the Fat Loss LAB you can expect:

  • Daily video lessons that you can access anytime throughout the day, when it’s convenient for you, that walk you through designing your customized fat loss and (when you’re ready for it) maintenance plan!

  • Weekly email accountability check-ins from your coach, Nicole, to make sure you’re on track and celebrating successes!

  • Bi-weekly progress updates to track the awesome changes you make!

  • 24/7 support from the awesome team of women taking this leap right alongside of you via the Fat Loss LAB Facebook group!

Yes, you can expect to lose fat. But you can expect soooo much more than that. This isn’t a program that you adhere to for 30 days only to return to the way things were. This is a life altering coaching process that teaches you how to listen to your body, nourish appropriately based on your goals and live confidently in a body you appreciate, respect and maybe even love (woah!)

But accountability is a full-time job and my coaching book is pretty full, so I’m only accepting a select few Fat Loss LAB applications this January. Three seats have already been reserved. So…don’t wait. First come, first serve.

Will this be the year you FINALLY create the change you’ve always wanted?