How To Fail At Dieting (is this you?)

Chances are you’re doing one (or more) of these already. So let’s talk about how you can stop sabotaging yourself and start winning.

If you’re asking any of theses questions…

  • How long will this take?

  • What will I have to give up?

  • How much weight will I lose?

  • Will this work for me?

…you’re undoubtedly setting yourself up for failure.

These questions all assume that a diet - the way you eat - is a finite thing - a pre-constructed program that either works for you, or not. But here’s the thing - you don’t find a diet, you create one.

^^ Read that again. ^^

That’s right - you’ve been going about this all wrong. Do you know why Atkins, Whole30, Slim Fast, South Beach, Paleo, Beach Body, Keto, My Fitness Pal, Intermittent Fasting, Isagenix and Shakeology didn’t/don’t work for you? Because you are a unique individual with unique individual needs. Your nutrition needs, palate preferences and savory sensitivities don’t fit into a pre-constructed program like those listed above (and so many more…who remembers the Zone Diet?)

But instead of learning from our past failures, we keep trying - seeking out the perfect diet like gold at the end of a rainbow.

It has to be out there, right? The diet, the plan, the program that works for me? I’m not a complete anomaly, right!? I just haven’t found the right one. The one perfect diet/plan/program that will be my Prince (or Princess) Charming and change my life forever!

I’m exaggerating of course, but you get the idea. I know you can relate - because I’ve been there too. And I’m here to tell you that there IS a diet out there designed for you and your body. A diet that accounts for your unique individual needs, your preferences, your crazy lifestyle and your sensitivities.

But don’t get too excited just yet - because you won’t find this diet touted on the internet or boasted about by friends and family.

You have to create it. Because it makes complete sense that the perfect diet FOR you is designed BY you, right?

I know what you’re thinking…

Create my own diet!? Nicole, I can barely understand my metabolism or get my kids from point A to point B. How will I ever be able to design a diet that works for me and my body? What about meal timing, macronutrient ratios and cravings? I can’t even remember to take a multivitamin, how on earth can I design my own diet!? HELP!

I’m here for you, friend. You don’t have to do this alone.

If you’re looking to understand why previous dieting efforts have failed and how to set yourself up for wildly powerful success moving forward, I’ve got you.

If you’re ready to start winning at dieting, I’d love to chat about how we can make that happen. Simply leave a comment below and let’s start the conversation to see if we’re a good fit.