You'll Never Feel Fully Ready

You’re never going to feel fully ready for the next big step.

Whether that big step involves levelling up in your family, your career or your self-care, it will require a levelled up approach - something new that will probably feel uncertain and scary AF to start.

I remember making the jump from employee to entrepreneur and immediately freaking out. Like, what did I just do with my life? I worked steady hours to get a steady pay check and now…now I don’t know what to do because my boss hasn’t told me what to do because I am MY OWN BOSS. Gah!

Yep. Freaked out. It was more accountability then I was accustomed to. Provided more freedom. Required more action. Involved more fear. Created more possibility.

And with that possibility came the possibility of failing - of falling flat on my face. And so, I found myself asking, “what’s the alternative?”

If I didn’t do this big, scary thing, where would I be? And is the potential risk worth the potential reward?

Any investment we make to reach never-before-had success requires a never-before-had skill set. And you know what that means? Until you practice the thing (repeatedly) to build the skills, you’re probably not going to be so great at it.

Read that again. You might suck, at first. And that’s OK. With practice, with repetition, you will build the skills you need to accomplish this big, scary thing that allows you to live a better, more full, vibrant life. But first, it might suck.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get there. It just means you need practice. Repetition. Failure. Resiliency.

So what thing don't YOU feel fully ready for?

And if you’re being really honest with yourself, is the risk worth the reward?

Maybe it’s letting go of your disordered eating. Maybe it’s getting that coach or that gym membership. Maybe it’s finally investing in yourself so you can learn to appreciate your body more. Or maybe it’s…

You fill in the blank.

New growth requires new skill.

New skill requires new courage.

And courage, by definition, is the ability to do something that frightens you. Doing something DESPITE the fact that you don't feel fully ready. DESPITE the fact that you might suck, at first.

I’d love to hear about what scary AF thing you’re going to do next. Is it a fitness endeavor? Is it starting (or growing) a family? Is it building a business? Is it investing in your self-care? Whatever it is, when faced with the fear of change, try asking, “what is my alternative?” <3

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.