Breaking up...with my relationship with food.


"No, this isn't like any of the other diets. I'm changing my relationship with food." 

I heard these words from a client just the other week. She and her husband were taking a look at their budget (as we often do) and trying to find ways to trim around the edges. Having previously been a self-proclaimed chronic dieter her husband looked at her and said, "what about your Nutrition thing? Could you drop it?" 

When she said "NO!" her husband looked at her with questioning brows but she proceeded to explain to him that this wasn't just another thing. This wasn't going to be a temporary fix like the diets that had come before, but rather a long-term solution and an investment in her relationship with food.

I almost cried. And I would have been totally okay with it. 

Because, guys. Here is a kind, sweet, compassionate woman who, for years, has been battling with emotional eating and an unhealthy relationship with food - at times uncomfortable in her own skin, not proud of the things she had eaten and the accompanying shame she carried. But this kind, sweet and compassionate woman is now seeing the bigger picture. She is saying no to the obsession with shrinking and feeling like a stranger in her own body. And she is saying yes to being a powerful, radiant, autonomous human being who is the boss of her own body!

How beautiful is that? Because, yes, it is an investment. And just like any relationship, it takes time and nurturing. But it is always - ALWAYS - an investment worth making when you are left with the power to define what your relationship with food will look like and how it will empower you to be a stronger, sexier, more satiated woman. 

How are you investing in your relationship today?


Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.