holy moly, I have something so stinking awesome!

Do you ever stumble upon something that makes you stop and think, holy moly, I have something so stinking awesome!

Today, that happened for me. I was reminded of how unbelievably blessed I am to have the man I do, standing by my side every day. And I'm sure many of you guys and gals can share your stories of why your S.O. is just the best freaking thing ever too (I'd LOVE to hear them), but, let me just brag about mine for a second. 

Nicole Patrick-Wedding Photos-0041.jpg

Patrick is God's gift to me. I could never be convinced otherwise. He came into my life at the perfect time, carried me through the ugliest battle anyone can ever go through and still, to this day, chooses to love me more. Through each memory, each argument, each adventure, he's always there. Sometimes, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't know how he does it. 

It's the little things, like how he always asks me what I'm thinking before bed so that I can quiet my cluttered, at-times compulsive mind long enough to fall asleep. Or how he always wakes me up with breakfast ready on the mornings he has to be at work early. Or how he encourages me to get the chai latte and f*ck the calories. And let's not forget about last week when I - at some ungodly hour - shot up in bed because I forgot to re-park my car for street cleaning and he dutifully grabbed his sweats and shoes to drive around the block in the rain so I wouldn't have to. 

But it's also the big things, like coming with me to therapy because he knows grief doesn't just affect me, it affects us. Or how when I get overwhelmed by the prospect of running my own business or getting everything "right" he pulls me close and whispers words of affirmation in my ear. Or how, he helps coach me back from injury - despite all my wining and complaining - encouraging me to celebrate the wins and stay positive. Or how when I feel defeated, confused and don't understand why God decided to take my family away he doesn't rush to make everything okay but simply says, "I'm here. I'm your family".

These are just some of the things, some little some big, that all add up to create this guy that I am so, so honored to stand beside. Don't worry, he isn't perfect. But he is everything that I need (and even everything I sometimes think that I don't) wrapped up into one handsome husband, my #beardedbeauty. 


PS. Let's not tell him I was bragging. He's shy.