Your time is NOW.

“I’d love to do X, I’m just waiting for the right time.”

How many times have you said or thought these words? I know I have.

So many of us are living in limbo, waiting for the “perfect time”. We think, whether to ourselves or to those around us, “I’ll lose weight/focus on my health/eat better/etc...when my kids are older/I get a new job/I’m twenty pounds lighter/I’m less busy…”

Let me ask you this,

“How’s that working for you?”

Why do we adopt this “all or nothing” mindset that limits us from growth until that perfect stars-are-all-aligned moment? Because it helps us avoid – defer – the scary and potentially risky act of DOING, of true behavior change. 

But while not doing and waiting for the right time might save us from failure, it also prevents us from ever growing, improving or becoming the best version of ourselves.

“All or nothing” rarely gets you all and almost always leaves you with nothing.

The perfect time, the one we’ve built up in our heads…it’s now (not next Monday, or next year). It’s always been now. Because unless you take this moment, unless you make something happen RIGHT NOW, the moment will pass you by and you will always be wishing and waiting for the “perfect time”.

Don’t try to leap mountains, hurdle all obstacles and go all in. Just start. Just take one step. And the moments will keep coming, change will happen. What is it that Newton says?

“ …a body in motion will remain in motion…”

You just need to get moving. With one, small step. It could be the tiiiiiiniest little action, so long as you’re moving, closer to where you want to be.


Want help getting started?

For some people, getting started is the hardest part; overcoming resistance, fighting temporary discomfort and entering the unknown. I encourage you to ditch the perfectionist mindset and adopt a “little better, little more” mindset.

If you’re looking for that kind of help and guidance, I’d be happy to work with you. With 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, powered by PN's ProCoach.

Together we can make your goals happen, one step at a time.