2017 MUST DO's

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2016 was a beautiful year for my now-husband and I. We got engaged, flew to a gorgeous destination for our wedding and celebrated with friends and family. It was, without eggageration, the closest thing to perfection. But marrying the love of my life aside, this year has had it's ups and downs. I'm still trying to figure out this adulting thing...having a job, being an entrepreneur, running my own business, saving for those "down the road things" like buying a house and starting a family, not to mention making new friends (and trying hard to keep the old ones). It's hard. But even harder, for me, has been learning to continue life after the death of my brother. We're in year two and I can't say it's gotten any easier. In fact, holidays, family events and birthdays still pretty much totally suck. And that's something I'll have to figure out navigating for the rest of my life. 

But looking ahead to 2017, there are a few things I want to learn how to do. For me. 

1. Start my day with love, not technology. - I want 2017 to be the year of the digital diet. I'm not exactly sure what this will look like yet, maybe simply not having my phone on/around me during the weekends so I can focus on quality time spent. But each morning, before turning my phone on/checking my email/scrolling through Instagram, I want to start my day with love.

2. Get emotionally honest. I'm pretty much the best at putting on a happy face and showing the world what I want them to see (full disclosure). But this year, I want to let go of the numbing feelings and mindfully feel my way through my life. Pain, joy, sadness...I want to embrace them all. 

3. Expand my interests. I want to go somewhere I've never gone, do things I've never done and see things I've never held in my minds eye before. Because, I have the right to an awesome life. 

4. Be willing to surrender. No matter what I think my life should be, I choose to embrace and breathe in what is. I cannot ever see the whole picture, and in 2017 I am going to accept this, surrender and let God do God. 

5. Practice patience with myself. So often I'm frustrated or disappointed that I haven't arrived yet. Whether it's a goal for my career, my skill set, my body...But I am choosing to adopt a practice of patience, and love my perfectly imperfect self.

6. Discover the power of fun. Being an adult too often means checking things off the list, going to work at 9am and leaving at 5pm, finishing chores, blah, blah, blah. I am going to create room for play. Dr. Stuart Brow says, “The opposite of play isn’t work, it is depression.”

7. Love my body for what it can do, not how it looks. Self-acceptance for the win. 

My list is far from complete, but it's a pretty good start so far. What are your 2017 MUST DO's?


Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.