I am too sad to walk.

As I sit here reflecting on my week, I am completely confident of this one thing: everyone needs compassion. The power you give someone when you love them exactly as they are is unmatchable and allows him/her to become the greatest, truest version of themselves. 

Yesterday, I was in serious need of compassion. I had a day full of coaching clients, for which I am so grateful. And during the short, in-between moments I capitalised on writing posts, writing emails, writing feedback, returning calls and even racing to the gym for a short stairclimber workout. 

After my last client I felt productive, accomplished and completely exhausted. I should have come home, sat in a minute of silence and checked in, asking myself a few important questions. 

How do I feel? What do I need right now? What is my body telling me? 

But instead, I found myself starting food prep to get ahead on the next day, readying dinner ingredients and cleaning the kitchen. When my husband called on his way home from work (as he often does, bless him) I finally stood still and was overwhelmed with anxiety. When I finally slowed down long enough to pause and assess, I was way off course. My chest felt tight, my stomach in knots and I was overcome by debilitating fatigue and overwhelming sadness. When my husband walked in the door, I was curled up in the fetal position, dinner half-ready, covered in a blanket, with tears in my eyes. And I had no idea how I had arrived at this place. 

In loving and coaching my clients throughout the course of the day I had completely forgotten about doing the same for myself. I had missed small opportunities to breathe deeply and rest, and instead chose to stay busy. But busy doesn't serve anyone, I know this. Busy is so often the reason my clients find themselves so far from where they want to be with no end in sight. Busy is the barrier to self-care and goal achievement. But I'm human and just like so many others I needed someone to say, "Sweetheart, slow down. Take a breath and just stand still, here, in this moment. The rest will come, but right now, just pause." 

And as my coach whispered those words in my ear I realised, everybody needs this; compassion. To be met where they are and be accepted unconditionally; to feel seen and appreciated. This is the core of feeling wholeheartedly empowered and at home in your own skin. 

So as you go throughout life, some days not unlike mine I'm sure, find someone who can speak compassion into your life. Find a coach, a friend, a confidant, who will empower you to live your life to the fullest. And who, when you're "too sad to walk", will pick you up by the foot and carry you along with them. 

PS. If you haven't seen Inside Out, you simply must. It's spectacularly on-point and relatable.

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.