Be Well: A Body Positive Coaching Course For Women

Do you have a desire to live a full, vibrant, and abundant life? Are you committed to feeling inspired, worthy and completely content in the skin you're in? Then read on...

This January I am launching a coaching course designed specifically for women. This program is open to all women who are ready, willing and able to change their lives; women who want to wake up every morning with the courage to say YES to living an authentic, fulfilled life. 

Do you want to: 

Feel happier, more alive and in love with the body you're in

Feel confident with your nutrition and lifestyle choices

Feel capable of achieving any goal and being the person you want to be 

If you're looking to change your nutrition game, improve your fitness, develop a more accepting and body positive mindset, learn how to navigate the obstacles life throws at you, and renew your  relationship with yourself, this program is for you. 

On this 10 week journey, I am going to help you identify the things holding you back and help you build the life you want by supporting you every step of the way. The destination: your best self. I will help you become a woman who prioritizes her mind, body and soul and will supply you with all the tools you need to live each day with unyielding intention and purpose. 

Join me and some truly extraordinary women for Be Well, a 10-week journey that will completely change your life forever. 

Be Well coaching will teach you how to: 

Embrace your body. 

Love the skin you're in and stop comparing yourself to The Jones's (and every magazine cover). You are enough, right now, in this body. Let me help you affirm just how beautiful you are and just how very little that has to do with the size of your jeans. Learn to love the skin you're in. 

Practice mindful eating. 

Learn how to navigate your hunger and fullness cues without micromanaging every calorie. Through this program, you will acquire the skills and habits required to eat well and be well for the rest of your life - no diet necessary! With this program you will receive a customisable nutrition guide and daily guidance on how to make your meals work for you. 

Say NO to stressing and obsessing. 

There's no progress to be made when we are constantly overwhelmed, overworked and over our heads with all of life's demands. Learn how to let go of obsessive behaviors, the need to be perfect and learn how to change every aspect of your life by working smarter, not harder. 

Be the strongest version of yourself.

Learn how to value movement instead of feeling obligated to workouts and fitness trends. With this program you will receive customisable training programs to fuel your fitness, whether in the gym or at home. With access to a personal trainer, you can submit form check videos at any time! 

All of this, in addition to weekly coaching webinars and unlimited access to me - your personal nutritionist and personal trainer, is yours when you register for Be Well. 

You can have the life that you crave. You can feel powerful and at peace with your body. You can ditch the diet and achieve your goals. Let me show you how. 

Be Well, a body positive coaching course, begins January 2017. This is your chance to feel stronger, confident and completely alive. But don't wait, spaces are limited! 

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