Nutrition Coaching at The Candy Factory

Some might say it's a bit unusual to conduct a nutrition coaching business out of a coworking space called The Candy Factory, but I say it's just right. Coworking is new to me and my business this year, but I absolutely love the camaraderie and business sharing that is encouraged by working in close proximity with different talents, professions, personalities and faces!

Sharing space in the heart of Lancaster city allows me to accommodate clients in a way that provides convenience, flexibility and comfort...both for my local and remote clients.   :)Cowe

If you're looking to build a healthier relationship with yourself and the food you eat, come visit! Or contact me at! I'd love to hear from you.

Nicole has her Masters of Science in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health from the University of Bristol, England. She is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. She enjoys talking about food, eating food and deadlifting. Nicole is hugely passionate about all things health and wellness and wants to help you live a full, vibrant life without guilt or shame. Nicole believes that nutrition should enrich your life, not subtract from it. With the right tools, a willing spirit and some strong-willed dedication, Nicole will help empower you to live a well-fuelled life!


Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.