let's close the {thigh} gap.

in an effort to become a better trainer, nutritionist and woman, I regularly thumb through the blogs of Jen Sinkler and Molly Galbraith - super strong, amazing women in the industry. I mean, I'm pretty sure you get stronger by simply being in the presence of these women. and I'm into that. so, I stumbled upon a blog post by Jen entitled, "closing the (thigh) gap" in which she referenced Molly: so if your feet are together and your thighs don't touch, that's called a Thigh Gap

what's it called if your feet are 4 inches apart and your thighs still touch?

oh yeah. 

Dem Quadz...

and couldn't stop thinking about it. because, yeah, quads are super sexy and this Thigh Gap trend really should be put to shame. Instead of focusing on the spaces between our muscles, shouldn't we be focusing on our muscles? Instead of trying to make ourselves smaller, what if we spent the same effort making ourselves stronger? I'll tell you what would happen, truly amazing things. Imagine the feeling of pride when you look at your body and see strength, instead of shame when your masses fill the spaces that society told you should be there.

hear me on this: bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. some thighs touch, and others don't. some collar bones are naturally defined, and others aren't. some hips are wide and others, not so much. and that's beautiful. shame doesn't belong here. whether it's fat shaming or thin shaming. let's work to remove it altogether. because real women have bodies. a certain size or shape does not make you superior. There is no wrong way to have a body (Glenn Marla).

And if we break it down, for some of us, the Thigh Gap is an absolutely ridiculous goal. this seemingly desirable space between ones legs is determined, not only by what we do in the gym, or what we eat in the kitchen, but by our God-given (mom + pops get credit here too) body type, our pelvic structure and tendon length. So by all means, work hard. kick ass in the gym. eat salads, eat burgers, eat WELL. but don't waste your goals on something as demoralising and aesthetically foolish as a larger space between your legs. because, let's face it, the Thigh Gap is all about reducing the mass - muscle and fat - that holds up the rest of your skeleton…and yeah…walking around with two toothpicks for legs sounds like a super smart idea. Don't let your self worth be determined by the circumference of any part of your body. pick a goal that a. makes a scrap of sense, b. lifts you up, c. and makes you a stronger athlete/woman/human being.

have you seen those "are they legs or are they hot dogs" illustrations?

ladies, I think we can do better than striving for shapeless casings of meat for legs. a whole hell of a lot better.

in my world, big, strong thighs are coveted. because stronger quads means a stronger squat. and a stronger squat means a better booty…but we'll save that for another post. what's that you say? you don't care to squat? don't misunderstand me - I'm not saying everyone needs to squat with a barbell on their back. in fact, I wouldn't recommend it for some. but, I can assure you. whether you know it or not, you squat. when was the last time you sat down to eat? squat. when was the last time you got in or out of a car? squat. when was the last time you went to the bathroom? squat.

I don't' know about you, but I want to be going to the bathroom on my own two feet for a very, very long time. so excuse me if these thighs touch, but I couldn't care less. #demquadz


Eat well. Live well. Be well.