today, I'm thankful for:

yep. you guessed it. we are one of those ridiculously sappy families that isn't allowed to dig into the turkey + the mashed potatoes until we all go around the table and share [at least] one thing we are thankful for. growing up, it was weird, because family members would get choked up and I just wanted someone to pass the stuffing, but you know what? now, I think it's pretty awesome. because as you get older [and wiser] you realise that despite what life throws at you, there is always, without a shadow of a doubt, something to be thankful for. because the very things we take for granted are the same things someone else around the world is praying for. we. are. blessed. and to fail to acknowledge that is unthinkable. so I challenge you - tomorrow -as you sit down to your feast with your family, suggest sharing the blessings you're thankful for. warning: someone will huff, puff and groan about it, but in the end, you will all be reminded of the reasons you have to smile and savour every breath. and I can't think of anything bad about that. today, I'm thankful for:

the ability I have to start each day as if it were my first, or my last. fresh, new and covered in grace. because His mercies are new every morning. 

the struggle. life is one hell of a ride and no matter how cucumber-cool you try to be, you can't avoid all the bumps and the bruises. but I can't think of a single struggle that hasn't bloomed into strength. I'm a survivor. you, you are a survivor. and that is something to be [more than] thankful for. life is sweeter when we slow down, enjoy the seasons, embrace the struggle and focus on our strengths.  

the fact that I have absolutely everything I need. my heart is so full. my family is all close enough for me to hug and hold. and healthy enough to hug and hold me back. my beautiful boyfriend makes me stronger every day. in more ways than one. and my life is spent coaching people I respect and admire toward happier, healthy lives of their own. that purpose - that blessing - is something I can be thankful for every. single. day. and I'll happily spread that around the dinner table. 

so tell me, what are you thankful for?

Eat well. Live well. Be well.