I wear a size 6 and I couldn't care less.

awhile ago I decided to go through my closet and get rid of everything that a. no longer fits, or b. I no longer wear. because, you know, my mother raised me to be one of those good-steward kind-of people. thanks mom. what I intended to be some brief menial task ended up being a rather emotionally taxing chore. by the time I had waded through my denim and corduroy collection I was feeling like a hormonal adolescent teen. I was that girl laying on the floor, trying to wiggle my size 6 ass into pants that no longer fit over my thighs. I was tempted to keep a few pair that I could [barely] button, but if you can't sit down in them…or form complete sentences…okay, or breathe, what's the point? what the heck!? have I recently put on an obscene amount of weight? no. did all of my clothes shrink multiple sizes due to a laundry catastrophe? nope. I had just never gotten rid of my clothes from when I was a sickly size 00 because some little monster inside my head kept feeding my thoughts that maybe someday I'd get back into those clothes. I'm not proud of it.

don't get me wrong - on most days, I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I love what my quads and glutes can do for me and I wouldn't have it any other way. but somewhere deep inside, a small part of me still associated that smaller size with success. with beauty. with perfection. despite years of education and healthy living, some part of my brain is still that sick, skinny little girl who wants to be accepted for her XS size.

so I got mad about it for awhile. and then I grabbed a bag, dumped all those 0's, 2's and XS's, gave them away and got over it. Because:

1. Size means absolutely nothing to me. 

2. This booty can deadlift 205# and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

I am not committed to some arbitrary number written on the back of my jeans. I am, however, committed to feeling good about my body regardless of what I'm wearing or what size it may be.

Exercise changes your body. Muscles grow, measurements change, and if you're doing it right, you get stronger, and probably leaner too. Yep, my butt got bigger. But you know what? So did my lifts, my body-image and my confidence. All that is worth so much more than a pair of jeans. Muscular quads? own them. because that is super sexy. a toned tush? rock it. because your body can do things that no number on a tag will ever do for you. the sizes in your closet mean absolutely nothing.


Approximately 91% of women in America are unhappy with their bodies and resort to extreme dieting or other unhealthy methods to achieve their ideal body shape.

Only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by women in the media.

81% of ten year olds are afraid of being fat. 

Who are we serving? What are we dedicating our time to? And who is watching us? How do you want your children to feel about their bodies when they look in the mirror? Learn to celebrate your body for what it can do. Be comfortable in your own skin and remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Be compassionate with yourself and recognise that a body you respect is one you will take care of.

Your body is amazing. Respect it. Fuel it. and be proud of what it can do.

Eat well. Live well. Be well.