The Diary of a Girl on Bedrest continued...

Dear Diary,

It's day 8. I think I've gained 10 pounds already and I'm only being a little bit funny. So much for my 'get shredded for summer' plan. Despite my undefined waistline, my outlook is still reasonably sunny, all things considered. and I think that's, in part, due to all the visitors and friends I've had checking in on me. I haven't had much time to myself to whip out my violin and wallow (I'm pretty sure this has been arranged by my overprotective, super thoughtful yet slightly smothering family members - LOVE YOU ALL!) Mark my words - I will make it outside this week. This girl needs to feel the sun!! I'm suffering from a self-diagnosed severe Vitamin D deficiency. 

Pain: manageable. Mood: lukewarm with moments of malaise. Countdown: 9 more days, fingers crossed!

Dear Diary, 

Today was so lovely that I almost forgot that my life has been reduced to binge reading and sitting on ice (try icing a hip…kinaesthetically it just doesn't work!) I had a fabulous lunch date with some of my favorite girlfriends and their handsome little men. Rice + Noodles delivered to my front door. What more can a girl ask for!? Tomorrow I can go back to hating the fact that I'm reduced to hopping around on sticks but today, today was fantastic. Drumroll please….7 days left of this sleep all day, stay up all night business. Lord willing. 

Pain: I chose not to take my medication…just to see, and well, I asked for it. Mood: Content. Countdown: 7 days.


Do know that beneath all the sarcastic humor rests a girl who feels very, very blessed. I may be temporarily restricted but I am well aware that in the grand scheme of things this is nothing but a blip on the radar. I like to complain a little and tease you with self-depreciating blog posts, but rest assured, I am spoiled silly. I genuinely hope that the people in your lives are as selflessly brilliant as the people in mine because they are pretty darn awesome. I am uplifted, cared for and loved more than I deserve. They have hearts of pure gold. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Eat well. Live well. Be well.