- counting calories becomes unnecessary when the foods you eat don't have labels.

- when you're caught wearing something other than workout clothes, friends and family ask why you're all dressed up.

- when you're forced to wear a real bra. trust me, it's a problem. 

- eating more than your date, because, a girl has to feed her muscle!

- having "man hands". those calluses are earned. 

- laundry frequency. jeans can be worn at least 4 times before washing. workout leggings cannot.

- your girlfriends are going out for martinis in stilettos and you're just like, pass me a protein shake and some Nike frees. 

- it's going to suck, outliving your friends who don't eat well and exercise.

- social life. workout. sanity. pick only two.

- getting excited to sleep because...breakfast is coming.

- you arrive at the gym. WITHOUT YOUR IPOD. life ruined.

- go shopping for a dress. buy running sneakers instead.

- only having time for a workout or a shower. yeah, there's still a decision to me made. 

- just wanting someone to look at you the way you look at the peanut butter jar.


ladies, what would you add? share your #fitgirlproblems with pride.

Eat well. Live well. Be well.