Testimonial - Amanda, age 30

I have been utilizing emPpower Training System's nutrition Program for about two months.   I have never tried any "fad" diets in the past but have done calorie counting.  However, I did not focus on quality of food - only not going over my set calorie count for the day (so I could have fast food all day if I wanted so long as I didn't go over 1,700 calories).   This eventually got old and I obviously wasn't focusing on putting healthy food into my body. The emPower nutrition program taught me 1) what foods are actually healthy (I was surprised to learn some things I thought were good for me really weren't) 2) how to fit these foods into my day and 3) how to fit these foods into my day knowing that I am a very picky eater.

What is nice about the program is that Nicole works with you to determine what you like and don't like.  She then creates meals based on this with different "substitutions" so you don't feel like you are eating the same thing all the time.  You can of course try different spices and cooking things different ways to really give yourself variety!

Another great benefit of the program is the support you receive.  Nicole makes herself available to answer questions and encourage you when you struggle.  She gives you tips to help set yourself up for success such as preparing your lunches for the week ahead of time and keeping emergency stashes of protein powder in your desk at work.

The nutrition program is a tool that you need to use correctly in order to see results - I can testify to that.  When I follow the nutrition program, I see results - pounds drop instantly and I feel energetic. When I don't follow the plan, the weight loss suddenly comes to a stand still and I feel sluggish.

Truthfully, I never thought it was possible for me to be a healthy eater.  I am not going to pretend that I'm there yet - I still have a long way to go! But I am leaps and bounds from where I was before I started the nutrition program.  I'm getting closer to being that healthy eater each day, and I owe that to Nicole and emPower!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with nutrition.

 - Amanda, age 30