Be Thankful For Your Health

Happy Thanksgiving boys and girls! Enjoy your stuffing and mulled wine (for all my British friends), but please, no matter how full your bellies get, don't forget to actually be thankful. We have so much to appreciate and my fear is that the rush of the holiday will sweep away our gratefulness along with all the leftovers and Christmas preparation. So, sometime today, whether it's during a quiet moment in the morning or even when you're sitting around the dinner table - stop. and BE THANKFUL. Take a second to look at all that you have been blessed with.

I know it's easy to sometimes get a little annoyed by those Facebookers who post their daily Thanksgiving shout out for the month of November. If I'm the only one that feels that way, things just got super awkward. But in all seriousness, why aren't we all sharing what we're thankful for!? Do we feel so entitled to what we have (and maybe what we don't have) that we are too proud to talk about our gratefulness? Why only the month of November? Are we not privileged every day of the year?

So, tossing my pride aside, I'm going to be that person.

Things I'm Thankful For:

- My brother. There was a period of time this year where I thought our small family of 4 would become 3. It brought me to my knees. Nothing is better than growing up with an automatic best friend. He taught me how to share, he taught me how to nurture, and even to this day he teaches me how to argue. We are siblings, after all. His soft heart and strong spirit have been a constant blessing in my life and I can't think of anyone else I'm more grateful to have in my life.

- My parents. Because who else is going to tell me when I'm making terrible life decisions? I'd hate to see the person I'd become without their influence, because all the best parts of me have come from them. For people who have seen my ugliest moments, they love me way more than I could ever deserve. So, thanks for everything mom and dad, this life thing would be crazy impossible without you.

- My health. You knew it was coming. It is a health and wellness blog after all! But seriously, at the risk of sounding dramatic, I've been on the other side - when you hear the words "had we not caught this, you would have died before age 21", perspective changes. I have not been promised this life. I am undeserving of everything I have. This is a gift, my gift to use as a blessing to others. Today I am healthy enough to spend time with my closest friends and family. I am healthy enough to run a Turkey Trot with those same friends and family. Having the use of both of my legs, and having the ability to enjoy delicious food are not luxuries everyone has today, or any day. I am so thankful for good health.

- YOU! I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I have the best job ever! Being able to join you in your journey to health is such an incredible adventure! Life is easier with other people. Accountability is one of the most important components to any health and wellness resolution, and I ardently thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team.


Be thankful this Thanksgiving:

1. Give to those in need: Be a blessing! Donate your time at a soup kitchen, volunteer at a local school or church function, give cans to the Waterstreet Rescue Mission. You will impact a million people in your lifetime. Decide what kind of impact you're going to have.

2. Play football with your family: Be together! Be active! I'm pretty sure no one in my family knows anything about football (sorry Dad), so we're walking a 5k together instead. Have fun! Do something different while enjoying the company of family.

3. Take a walk before/after dinner: You know, when mom's yelling at your to get out of the kitchen and stop snacking before dinner. Round up a couple family members and take a stroll. Burn off a few calories before eating, but more importantly, cherish one another. Being together in front of the football game can be quality time, no doubt. But imagine what that quality looks like when you remove the distraction of media. What ever will you talk about!?

4. Drink red wine: Red wine, unlike white wine and beer has a natural phenol in it called resveritrol that comes from grapes. It lowers bad cholesterol, blood sugar and protects cells from harmful substances. Score!

5. Laugh! Laughter boosts your "feel good" hormones and is a contagious joy. Share stories, go around the table and talk about what you're thankful for. Be with one another, not just in proximity but in presence.


Eat well. Live well. Be well.