Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

eat clean, train dirty

So here's the cold, hard truth - you can't out train a crappy diet. There's absolutely no way around it. If you want to see results, make changes and improve your fitness you have to fuel your workouts with the proper nutrients and energy.

I'm currently leading a Biggest Loser team challenge at the private studio I train at, emPower Training Systems, and this proves to be one of the hardest lessons clients have to learn. Imagine this scenario: you bust your butt at the gym for an hour - sweaty, hot, noodly - and burn...roughly 500 calories. Great! Following your workout you're feeling good and you "deserve" a reward, right!? You proceed to the closest drive thru and order a southwest salad with crispy chicken (salads are good for you, aren't they!?) and a small order of french fries (because you earned it). Well, already you've managed to consume 680 calories. Forget the soda or the $1 ice cream cone you may or may not pass up. So now, not only have you negated all that hard work at the gym, but you're in the RED. Your intake is now more than your expenditure resulting in weight GAIN! And you ordered a freaking salad. What!?!?

Check out this slightly hysterical Youtube video explaining just how ridiculous it is to assume you can out train your bad food choices:

Educate yourself. Read labels. Ask for nutrition counts. You work way too hard to throw it all away with laziness and misinformed assumptions. You have to be an advocate for your own health because no one else is (well, except maybe me).


Eat well. Live well. Be well.