Discipline. Commitment. Dedication.

what you do every day.

As a personal trainer, I understand discipline. I understand commitment and dedication. Not to say that I always practice the three as they should be practiced, but I do my best every day. Too often I see people who are disappointed with their lack of results, frustrated with the changes that aren't happening like they envisioned they would. But sweethearts, let me tell you, your body is not going to change from just one workout. Sure, mentally, all it takes is one workout to kick you in the ass and motivate you to want to become healthier, but it's all the little choices we make on a daily basis that impact your results. The fact that you had a salad for lunch doesn't negate all the gross, artificial garbage you've been eating for the past week or year. One super sweaty workout won't cause you to drop 5 pounds on the spot. You are not entitled to positive changes just because you gave it your all for 60 minutes. Change is hard. Changing your body is really hard because that requires you to change your lifestyle, to change your habits, to change your attitude.

It takes disciple. Commitment. Dedication. I can't afford to care about what you did once. Is that mean? Maybe a little. But my job is not to shower you with false niceties and compliments. I can say the nicest things in the world and you still won't fit into your high-school jeans. It's my job to tell you how to get the results you want. And I'm telling you your effort has to extend beyond a rushed session on the elliptical. What are you willing to do today for the things you want tomorrow? 5 months from now? 5 years from now? When you sacrifice the superficial for the long-term reward day in and day out, you will earn that body. You will earn those results. And isn't that so much more gratifying?