Workout Of The Day: Intervals

What's one of the best ways to burn fat? Intervals workouts. What's an interval workout? Well, it's a workout where you quickly raise your heart rate with a period of intense all-out-effort, followed by a short rest period. Repeated multiple times. This creates rises and falls in your heart rate, thus encouraging your body to burn more fuel (aka. calories). Think of a car. You get better gas mileage when you're on the highway, cruising at 55mph for an extended period of time. You waste more gas when you are constantly stopping and starting. When we apply this illustration to the human body we WANT to burn more fuel, resulting in a greater calorie burn, and more fat loss. Ta da! Make sense, right!? So, todays interval workout is as follows:

25 seconds on/5 seconds off - I use the 'Interval Timer' app on my iPhone.

What you need: a timer, a yoga mat, and a stability ball and/or bench (if you have one).

- Bench Jumpovers: In a tall plank position [on hands and toes with a straight torso], placing your hands either on the end of a bench, stability ball, or the floor, jump over your mat from left to right without rest.

check out the form here.

- Weighted Toe Touches: On your back, raising a dumbbell or weighted plate overhead while lifting one leg, crunch up so the weight meets your foot. Alternating feet, fully returning to the ground between each repetition.

not sure about form? Youtube shows you how.

- Mt. Climbers: With your hands flat on the ground, starting in a tall plank position, drive the knees into your chest, one at a time as quickly as you can. These can be done on the floor or with your hands on a stability ball for an added challenge.

this girl has got 'em going on.

- Russian Twist with Bicycle Legs: Sitting on your tailbone, holding a dumbbell or weighted plate, rotate your core to tape the weight on either side of your torso. Lift your legs off the floor for the added challenge. and if you're STILL feeling brave, extend one leg while twisting, similar to a bicycle crunch.

follow this form, but grab a weight and pick up the pace.

- Plank Skiers: Starting in a tall plank position, jump your legs out to the right of your mat, back and center, and then to the left. Keep this pattern going strong for 25 seconds! Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Right...

exactly like this.

- T-Pushups: Starting in push-up position (these can be done from your knees if you need to modify), complete a push up and then drop your heels, twisting your arm and torso up to the ceiling (your body will take on the shape of a 'T'). Drop back to center, push up, and twist to the opposite side.

make sure to watch this entire video, he shows you incorrect AND correct form.

- Plank Straddles: On hands and toes [tall plank position] jump both feet up and outside your hands, quickly jumping your feet back and in.

check this form out if you've never done them before.

- Plank with Alternating Toe Touch: In a tall plank position, twist and kick your bottom leg out to the side, tapping your toe with your opposite hand. Rotate to the opposite side, kick and tap (if right leg kicks, left hand taps and vise versa).

it sounds harder than it is. check it out.


Complete 4 rounds taking 1 minute rest between each round. Followed by 10-15 minutes of steady-state cardio. Go get sweatyyyyy!

I did this workout earlier and found it to be great on the quads, core and shoulders. SO much planking!!! I followed it up with 10 minutes of jumping rope. Let me know what you think.

Eat well. Live well. Be well.