Happy Birthday BHLH!!

A fresh start; A new beginning; A big, shiny debut for Big Hips Little Hips. IT IS HERE!!

 a slice of birthday magic.

BHLHs is a healthy space where you can find delicious recipes, fun workout playlists and all sorts of bits and bobs pertaining to your health and wellness. I want to help you find happiness in health. So when you're tempted to order take out or skip the gym, you can come here and find inspiration, motivation and sometimes even step-by-step instructions for healthy "how to's".

You can be a twenty-something, middle aged or over the hill - age is not a limiting factor in achieving good health. Whether by prevention or treatment, I ardently believe that the way you treat your mind and body can greatly improve your quality of life. So here's to being healthy! hip hip, Hooray!!

I have a crazy passion for helping people achieve their goals in wellness. Losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass, increasing your energy levels, training for your first 5K, getting rid of your diabetes (or maybe just avoiding diabetes all together)...no matter what your goals may be, I want to help. Let me be your accountability partner. Together, we can work toward looking great in that beach body you've been dreaming of, and most importantly, feeling fantastic on the inside. As a nutritionist and personal trainer I live and breathe this stuff. I mean, seriously, ask anyone, I can talk diet and deadlifts until you're blue in the face. It is my personal mission to ensure that you have the tools and resources available to you so that together, we can take care of your body. It's the only one you'll get, so treat it well. Eat well. Live well. Be well.

With the help of a few fabulous friends (shout out to the freakishly talented Brooke and T.J. Mousetis of BCP and walk in love.) BHLH has a new home. Isn't it gorgeous!? Feel free to suggest blog topics by leaving comments or shooting me an email - nnmarie@gmail.com. Be an advocate of your health.


Eat well. Live well. Be well.